Within Teamwork, you can use filters to create a custom time report on your site.

This report can be created from the Everything time section, or within an individual project.

In either Time area, select the filter icon to the right of the page.

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You will now have various filtering options available within the right pane, to filter the results:

  • Project - You can choose to filter via all projects or select which projects you would like to report on.
  • Project status - You can choose to build your time report for project of a certain status such as current, late, upcoming, etc.
  • People - Build a time report on all site users or a select group. For example, users who are working on a specific project.
  • Date - Select a time frame for your time report.
  • Tags - Only include time logs with specific tags.
  • Billable  - Include billable, non-billable or both in your time report.
  • Invoiced - Invoiced, non-invoiced or both in your time report.
  • Show / hide columns - You can include all columns or choose custom columns in your report.
    • Note: Removing the Estimated Time column only applies to Excel and CSV exports.
Once you have set your required filtering you can then save the filter from the bottom of the right pane.

The time report can then be accessed at anytime from the Saved Filters section of the right pane.

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Note: If you have set a certain time frame for your filter under the Date option, you may need to update your saved filter to make sure you are receiving up-to-date reports.

You can also export your time report by clicking the Export button near the top right of the Time area. There are three export options available:

  • PDF
  • Excel
  • CSV
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If you are creating a time report filter on an individual project rather than the everything section of your Teamwork site the export option is shown within the options button (three dots).

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Note: Only users on paid subscriptions can save filters.

For more information, see: Everything - Time Filtering