Within Teamwork Projects, you can attach task lists to milestones on your projects.

To attach a task list to a milestone, go to the Milestones tab of the project.

Hover over the particular milestone you wish to add the list to and you will see these additional menu options:

  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Add Comment
  • Quick View
  • Add Tag
  • Attach task list
Select the Attach task list option. You will see a dropdown where you can select from the existing task lists on the project, or create a brand new task list.

When you choose the Create a new task list option, the new task list modal will open for you to create the new list. Here, you can select the milestone to attach the new list to, in the modal's Milestone tab.

Milestone progress

Once you have attached a task list, you will see a progress bar for that milestone.

The progress completion of the milestone will be increased each time a task from the attached list(s) is completed. This is a great way of knowing at a glance how a particular milestone is progressing.

Note: Each task and subtask in the attached task list(s) counts towards that milestone's progress.

For more information, see: Adding a milestone