Within Teamwork Projects, you can create milestones within an individual project.

To add a milestone to your project, go to the Milestones tab of your project.

From there, click Add Milestone in the top right.

In the new milestone modal, you can add information about your milestone:

  • Name the milestone: Choose a name for your milestone
  • When is it due: Choose the due date for the milestone, the default will be today’s date.
  • Who is responsible: Select the individual or from underneath the Who’s responsible selection box choose multiple people; if assigned to multiple people, any one of them can complete the milestone.
  • Notify by email: Choose if you wish to notify the person responsible about the creation of the milestone. There can be a preset here that can have this option enabled by default or not, this preset is available within the settings for the project. 
  • Send reminders: Choose if you wish to send a reminder about the milestone, this reminder will be sent 24 hours prior to the milestone being due. If the milestone is added within 24hrs of the due date no reminder will be sent. 
  • Description: Choose to add a description to the milestone
  • Privacy & followers: Choose who can see the milestone. As in all cases, all administrators in the owner company can see all items. Also choose people you wish to follow the milestone, these people will get updates relating to the milestones.
  • Task Lists: Choose one or multiple task lists to associate with the milestone.
    • Note: A milestone can have multiple task lists attached, but a task list can only be associated with one milestone at any time.
  • Tags: Option to add or create a new tag  

You can also create new milestones via the  Add.. option in the project's Overview tab.

For more information, see:  Adding multiple milestones