Within Teamwork, you can view all milestones in a particular project in the Milestones tab.

In the Milestones area, you can view all milestones together, or choose a particular status (upcoming, late, completed).

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  • Upcoming – Shows all upcoming milestones, including milestones due today, on that project.
  • Late – Shows all late/overdue milestones on that project.
  • Completed – shows all the completed milestones on that project.

The Calendar tab shows all milestones on that project in a calendar view.

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In any of the milestone tabs, you can use the advanced filters pane on the right hand side to filter the milestones.

  • Keyword
  • Assigned to
  • Date
  • Tags
  • Followers
  • Created By

  • Show private milestones
  • Show attached task lists
  • Show % completed
For more information, see: Project Filtering - Milestones