Within Teamwork Projects, site administrators can view a login history for users on your site.

To view this area, go to the People tab of your site:

Within the People section, select the Login History tab:

Within the login history, you are shown the following details:

  • First name: The first name of the user.
  • Last name: The last name of the user.
  • Company name: The company that the user relates to.
  • Last login: The last recorded login for the user. Be aware, if the user has enabled the Keep Me Logged In option, a new session is not recorded every day.
  • Number of logins: The number of times that there is a recorded login.
You will also have some sorting options:

On the right, you will see the 'Options' (three dots) button where you can export the details:

  • Export to PDF
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to CSV