Within Teamwork Projects, when you log into your site, the dashboard is the first thing you will see.

Here, the main panel has a live stream of updates from all the projects that you are a part of so you can see what's been happening across your projects.

At the top of the dashboard area is a Notes section, where project administrators can add updates or important information for the whole team to see.

Below the Notes, in the upper section of the dashboard, are several tabs including upcoming tasks, late tasks, upcoming milestones, late milestones, and events.

The dashboard includes details of items such as tasks or milestones, notebooks or files being added/edited/completed, and other activity like comments, and messages.

If you haven't added any projects yet, your dashboard will have a message letting you know.

The left pane of the dashboard lists your projects, grouped by company. Underneath this list is a link to show archived projects. Each project name links directly to the project.

In your site's general settings, you can choose whether this project list includes all of your projects, or only projects modified in the last 30 days.

For more information, see: Getting Started