Within Teamwork Projects you can filter milestones for a particular person.

Go to the People section of your site, and click on the person you want to view. From their profile, select the Milestones tab.

To access filters choose the filter icon to right of the page.

Note: This icon will appear blue if an active and applied filter is in place.

Once this is selected the filtering options will appear in the right pane.


You can use this to filter your results down to the search term entered.


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When setting the date, you can choose to see results for when the task is due using the set time frames found within the drop-down.

You can also choose to set a custom date range or a within_days option where you can set a day interval to filter between.


You can choose to filter tasks by the tags associated with them. You can apply more than one tag when filtering results.

Note: You can filter any results that include one or more matching tags. Alternatively, you can select the Match all tags option which will then only return results which include all selected tags.


Filter based on which user or users are following a particular milestone.

Created By

Filter based on milestones created by particular users.

You also have the option here to include items from deleted users.
  • When this is selected, deleted users will then appear in the Created By dropdown.


When using status, you can choose to filter based on whether the milestone is incomplete, upcoming, late or completed. You can also view all milestones regardless of status.


In the milestones area, you can also choose to show private milestones, show attached task lists, or show the percentage completed for the milestone.

You can also drag and drop the various areas of the filter to change the layout to your liking.

Save Filter

You can choose to save any filter you have created for use at a later time. This will then appear within the Saved Filters section of filter right pane.

You can also change quickly between saved filters by clicking on the filter name to the top of the page. For example.

Note: Only users on paid subscriptions can save filters.

For more information see: Filtering