Within Teamwork Projects, you can add items such as tasks, messages, files, notebooks and links to your projects via email.

The email address that is set by default when you create your project can be edited.

In each of these five areas, you can edit the default email address by choosing the options button near the top right of the page and selecting one of the below:

For example, to locate the address for emailing tasks to your project, click the options (three dots) button in the top right of the project's Tasks tab.

When this option is chosen you will be presented with a window in which you can edit the initial part of the email address.

Once you click edit, you will be able to modify the beginning of the email address.

Once this is updated you can now add the item by sending it to the email address you have updated.

Note: The minimum character requirement is seven characters.

Individual task list email editing

You can also update the individual email address for a task list by clicking on the drop down arrow to the left of the task list name and choosing Post tasks via email.

You can then edit the email address of the task list but you will see that there is only an option to change the second part of the email, as the first part is set when you change the settings for the overall Post tasks via email option as above,

By updating the project and task list email addresses, it is much easier to remember the relevant address when interacting with tasks via email.

For more information, see: Adding tasks via email