Within Teamwork, you can create external companies on your site to represent different departments.

Note: The Teams feature allows you to use teams directly in your owner company to organize your employees.

Go to the People area of your site and select the Companies subsection.

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When you sign up for Teamwork, the owner company is automatically created with you as a member. The owner company is typically used for your own company or lead department and will have an Owner tag beside it in your companies list.

Any other company added to your site is referred to as an external company.

At a high level, using companies enables you to group people (including users and contacts), associate projects to those companies for organization purposes, and also set privacy in bulk against those groups.

The companies feature can be leveraged in two ways:

  1. Inviting clients from outside your company into your site to view and/or participate on projects:
    • In this instance you could create a new company for each client group you are inviting. E.g. If you were working with a design agency, you could add one company for the agency and then add the required users to that company.
  2. Internal departments:
    • Using external companies, you can organize and group subsets of employees based on their department within your organization.

Using companies enables you to:

  • Group users according to their company.
  • Associate projects to companies.
  • Assign default permissions to all external companies.
  • Bulk set privacy on an item based on company.

Setting up companies as departments

Any person with permission to manage people and companies can go to the Companies subsection of the site-level People area.

  1. Create a new company for each department you require.
  2. Edit the new company and add/invite the relevant users.

Tips for adding companies and users

Limitations with using companies as departments

Users in external companies have limited access and permissions compared with owner company users. They cannot access the following:

  • The People area (unless granted the permission to manage people and companies).
  • The Statuses subsection of the People area.
  • Site-level settings area - cannot be accessed by any external company user including external administrators.


Standard users in external companies who have been granted project administrator permissions on a project will be able to add users to the project via the project's People area. When a user with permission to add projects creates a new project, they will automatically become a project administrator on that project.

Note: They will only be able to add users they already share other projects in common with.

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If you would like to give someone complete access to add people from any department to any project, enable the manage people and companies permission for their profile.

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The user will then be able to manage each user's project access via the site-level People area.

For projects where the user is a project administrator, once they also have permission to manage people and companies applied, they can add users from any company to that project.

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For more information, see: Working with the Companies View