Within Teamwork Projects, each project that you create has a hierarchy that you can follow to get an idea on how each one progresses to completion.

Each project has five distinct levels covered below, starting from the highest level to lowest:

Projects - Level one

project is created on your Teamwork site and contains all of the levels below this. It is your overall goal to complete the project by moving up through the levels below.

Milestones  - Level two

A milestone marks a point of progress in your project, for example the end of a phase (or stage) within the project. You can assign milestones to people, set their due dates, and attach them to task lists.

You can attach one or more task lists (below) to a milestone, to show a set (or sets) of tasks that need to be completed in order to reach that milestone.

Task Lists - Level three

Task lists allow you to group tasks together. You can't add a task to a project without adding it to a task list. 

Tasks  - Level four

Tasks are activities that need to be completed by team members who have been added to your project. A task can only be added to a task list.

Subtasks - Level five

Subtasks are created under a task. A task can only be completed once its related subtasks have been completed first.

To complete a project, work from the lowest level of subtasks (if created) up to the top level of project, completing each level as you go.

For example, you complete your task lists to achieve your milestones - all the way up until you eventually accomplish your project.

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