Within Teamwork Projects, you can view a timeline of activity across all of your projects in the Dashboard.

On the dashboard, you will find:

  • A dashboard message, if one has been added
  • An activity area, showing activity on items within your projects 
  • Tabs to show tasks, milestones and events
  • A list of your active projects and a link to your archived projects
Dashboard message

This is visible to everyone who logs in to the site, and can be added/edited in Settings > General > Dashboard Message. The dashboard message supports markdown for formatting.


The activity area shows the latest activity from your last 10 active projects including comments, new items such as messages, tasks or files, edits to items, and task or milestone completion.

You can choose to show just the activity on your 'starred' projects, if you prefer. You can use the icons in the top right of the activity area to choose whether to sort the activity by project or by date.

At the bottom of the activity stream you will also see a button to generate an RSS feed of your project activity that you can subscribe to.

Tasks, milestones & events

Depending on the dates of items within your projects and calendar, you will see some other sections of the dashboard. You can switch to each tab to see the items listed there based on their dates:

  • Late Tasks 
  • Today's Tasks
  • Upcoming Tasks
  • Late Milestones
  • Upcoming Milestones
  • Upcoming Events
Note: Upcoming tasks are displayed for 14 days in advance within the dashboard view.

Dashboard settings

Click the settings cog in the top right corner of the dashboard to access the dashboard settings:

Here, you can choose whether to take start dates into account and whether to show all items, or just those assigned to you.

From the upcoming events area, you can filter the timeframe of events to show.

You can also export the events to PDF here.

Project list

The left pane of the dashboard lists your projects, grouped by company. Underneath this list is a link to show archived projects. Each project name links directly to the project.

In your site's general settings, you can choose whether this project list includes all of your projects, or only projects active (modified) in the last 30 days.

If some interactive action such as adding/editing a task or adding a comment is made by any user on the project, the project is considered active and will show in the project list if set to the lsat 30 days.

For more information, see: Viewing a project summary