QuickBooks is an accounting software package that offers payroll, invoice, and expense management.

Within Teamwork.com, you can export invoices directly to QuickBooks Online.

Note: The QuickBooks integration is available on per-user Deliver subscriptions and above.

A site administrator will first need to enable the integration in the site settings.

Go to the Finance area of your project and select the Billing subsection.

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You can choose to export both open and completed invoices. Select the relevant invoice from the left pane to view it.

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Click the Export Invoice button at the bottom left of the invoice.

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In the export modal, choose QuickBooks Online from the options and click the Export button.

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Once QuickBooks Online has been set up for your site, the export modal will automatically populate the customer field with any existing customers from your QuickBooks account.

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Invoice options include:

  • Customer to invoice - choose an existing customer from your QuickBooks account to associate with the invoice.
    • If you have not yet added customers to your QuickBooks account, you will see a notice that there are no customers in the account when you try to connect for export. You will need to go to your QuickBooks account and create a customer before being able to export.

  • Invoice type - create a new invoice in QuickBooks or add the invoice items to an existing QuickBooks invoice.
  • Tax code - if you have a default tax code set up in QuickBooks, this will be selected automatically.
  • Default product/service
  • Description/notes field contents - choose which invoice properties are exported to QuickBooks.
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Once you have filled out the relevant invoice details, click Export to complete the export to your QuickBooks account.

In QuickBooks, you will see the invoice listed under the associated customer.

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Each expense or time entry added to the invoice in Teamwork.com will appear as a new line item in the QuickBooks invoice.

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While viewing the invoice in Teamwork.com, you will see a link to the invoice in QuickBooks at the top of the invoice area. Clicking the link will open the invoice in your associated QuickBooks account, while the trash can icon allows you to unlink the invoice.

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Exporting to an existing QuickBooks invoice

In the Export Invoice modal, you can also export your Teamwork.com invoice to an existing invoice in your QuickBooks account.

Once you select Add to an existing invoice from the Invoice type dropdown, an additional field will become visible allowing you to select a specific invoice.

Note: Each time you export to an existing invoice, all items from the Teamwork.com invoice will be applied as new line items in the QuickBooks invoice.

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Exporting an invoice as a QuickBooks accountant

If you sign into an accountant QuickBooks account profile, you will first need to select a company/firm to use with the export.

Once you select the company/firm from the dropdown, you will need to click the Add app to firm link below it before you can click confirm and proceed with the setup.

For more information, see: QuickBooks Online and Custom Invoice IDs