Within Teamwork Projects, it's possible to create a custom URL address in place of your default Teamwork address.

This allows the default account address of "acme.teamwork.com" to become something more suitable for your company or users, such as "myprojects.acme.com".

You can also allow your custom domain to be accessed via HTTPS using a 3rd party service called CloudFlare.

You will need an existing Teamwork Projects account with the Custom Domain feature included in your price plan and an existing CloudFlare account with a Business subscription or better to continue.

There are three main steps to follow:

  • Setting up your DNS records in CloudFlare.
  • Enabling SSL in CloudFlare.
  • Contact Teamwork Support to enable SSL by default on your custom domain.
Once you sign up to CloudFlare, they have a process for detecting your existing DNS settings, such as A name records and MX records and putting them in place on your new account.

Ensure to check the list that CloudFlare provides you, as it may not be able to detect some DNS records, such as any existing CNAME records you might have in place.

For example, lets assume you own the domain name "acme.com" but your current Teamwork Projects account is called "acme.teamwork.com" and you'd like to set up a custom domain name of "myprojects.acme.com" for you and your coworkers to use.

The details you will need to enter in the CloudFlare DNS section are: 

  • Type: CNAME
  • Name: myprojects.acme.com (replace this with your own custom domain)
  • Value: acme.teamwork.com (this is your current Teamwork Projects address)
  • TTL: Leave it at Automatic.
Once you add in the above settings, ensure the cloud icon on the right is Orange, which means "DNS and HTTP Proxy (CDN)" are in place.

Next, to put HTTPS in place, go to the 'Crypto' section of CloudFlare.

Set the "SSL" setting to "Flexible". Do not use any CloudFlare compression options or RocketLoader as the Teamwork Projects HTML and JavaScript is already compressed and served from a CDN.

It can take some time for the SSL setting to kick in, so expect a slight delay.

You can test it by manually putting "https://" in place of "http://" for your new custom domain.

The final step is to contact Teamwork Projects Support to let us know that you are using a custom domain and wish to enable SSL via CloudFlare.

Once we have updated your account, your browser may still disqualify the certificate due to caching. The fastest way to resolve this is to log out of teamwork, close all browsers, clear cache, then log back in. Your site will use HTTPS from this point on.

For more information, see: HTTPS on custom domains