Within the Teamwork.com Timer app, you can add tasks from your Teamwork.com projects and log time directly to them.

The Timer app is a free add-on app that allows you to import your tasks to one place to keep track of your work and how you are spending your time. 

Note: For time recorded via the Timer app to show in your Teamwork.com site, you need to choose a project and task to log it to when logging the time.

Adding a timer

You can add a new timer at any time by clicking the + button near the bottom left. You can either enter a name for the new timer, or select an existing task from one of your projects.

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Starting a timer

You can start a timer on a task by clicking the play or start icon beside the timestamp on the right. Alternatively, click the play/pause button in the top left of the app.

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Logging time

The log time option in the bottom right of the app opens the option to edit the time log on the highlighted timer before logging it.

Note: Billable defaults will not be applied when time is logged via the Teamwork.com Timer app.

You can also log multiple timers at once by using Ctrl + A on Windows or Cmd + A on Mac to select all timers. You can also use Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) + mouse click to select individual timers. Once the relevant timers are highlighted, click the Log timers button.

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Collapse or expand

In the top right corner of your Timer app window, the collapse/expand icon allows you to collapse or expand your timer as necessary.

This will reduce the size of the app window to a minimized view of the current timer.

Editing a timer

If a time log needs to be edited or deleted before you are ready to log the time, you can do so by clicking the pencil icon to the left of the current time.

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You can also set estimated time for an existing timer which will correspond to the associated task's estimated time property in the project.