HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that enables you to grow traffic, convert leads, and close deals.

Within Teamwork, you can integrate your site with HubSpot so that you can sync contacts and link items in HubSpot to those in your projects.

Note: The HubSpot integration is available on per-user Premium/Grow plans and above, as well as certain legacy plans.

Setup requirements

To enable and use the integration, you will need to install the Teamwork Chrome extension and log in to it using the relevant Teamwork account you want to use with HubSpot.

The account you sign in with should also have HubSpot enabled at site-level.

You will also need to have tags enabled in your Teamwork site settings.

  • A HubSpot tag is specially reserved for this integration. Therefore, "HubSpot" cannot be set as the tag name when you create tags on your site.

Once you have followed the setup requirements, you will need to enable HubSpot via your Teamwork integration settings.

Go to your Teamwork site that you have logged in with the Chrome extension. Click your profile avatar in the bottom left of your site and select Apps and integrations from the pop-out menu.

Note: You must be a site administrator in the owner company to access the site settings and enable integrations.  

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In the Integrations area, scroll to the HubSpot section and click the Enable button.

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If you are not already logged into your HubSpot account, you will be redirected to the HubSpot customer portal.

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You can enter your HubSpot login details here, and you will then need to authorize the integration between Teamwork and HubSpot.

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You will then be redirected back to your Teamwork site where you will now see the HubSpot icon next to items like tasks or projects, allowing you to link them to items in HubSpot.

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Standard users integrating with HubSpot

Once a site administrator has enabled HubSpot at site level, standard users can enable the integration for their account under their profile integration settings.

You can do this by clicking your profile avatar and selecting My Apps from the pop-out menu.

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Go to the Apps tab of your profile where you will see a section for HubSpot and an option to Enable.

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If you are already logged in to HubSpot in your browser, you will be able to select which associated account to link. If you are not currently logged in, you will be directed to the HubSpot customer portal to log in and grant access to your HubSpot account information.

Note: If HubSpot is listed under Available Apps, it has not yet been set up for your site. This needs to be done by an owner company site administrator before you can use the integration.

For more information, see: Creating a Project from a Deal in HubSpot