Within Teamwork Desk you can set up triggers which are available on the Pro Plans and can be set-up through settings. They are set at an inbox level.

  • From the settings cog in the lower left select the inboxes option.
  • Select an inbox.
  • Once in the inbox settings view, you will see in the left hand pane the option for triggers.

Triggers can help you to perform automatic actions on tickets. For example, a ticket that has been active for a period of time, which has not been replied to by the agent dealing with it can be unassigned and moved back to the general inbox.

When setting triggers you have the option to set automatic or manual triggers. You can edit existing triggers or choose the 'new trigger' option to the top right of the screen.

When creating a new trigger you must give it a name, description and what type you will be creating 'Manual or Automatic':

Once these have been entered there are various combinations you can create by entering certain conditions:

Once you have set your conditions you can choose to apply these to existing tickets you have or only future tickets.

Finally, select 'Create Trigger' to enable this on the inbox and any future tickets that meet the conditions.

Note: Only administrators can set triggers, agents can not set triggers

For more information see: Editing or deleting a trigger