Within Teamwork Desk, you can use smart inboxes to view a group of tickets based on particular conditions.

📝 This page relates to the Classic Desk navigation experience. In Teamwork Desk's navigation redesign, currently in early release, smart inboxes are now called custom views.

For example, you could set up a smart inbox to view all of your high priority tickets with a particular tag or from a particular email address, or one for all tickets you are following. You can use a single condition or a combination of them.

You will see your smart inboxes listed in the left pane of your tickets screen, above your original inboxes.

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Each smart inbox contains subsections grouping the included tickets by status, similarly to your regular inboxes.

You can create a smart inbox that is private to you, or share it so other users can view it too.

When creating a smart inbox, you can set conditions such as assignee, tag, whether the ticket has attachments, or associated company.

For more information, see: Creating a Smart Inbox