Within Teamwork Desk, the metrics in the Reports area of your site will change when using the Business Hours feature.

Note: The Reports and Business Hours features are both available on the Premium subscription plan and above.

Once at least one business hours schedule is set on your site, reports such as resolution time and average response time will be calculated automatically based on your working hours.

Without business hours, all reports will be calculated based on 24/7.

Multiple business hours schedules

When you have multiple business hours schedules set up for your site, all schedules will be factored into the reports.

  • If a schedule has been set up at inbox level, you can use the inbox filter option to view your reports based on the associated business hours.
  • If a schedule has been applied in another manner unsupported by existing filters, you can create a trigger to tag tickets meeting that schedule's business hours range.
    • Once the trigger has been created and applied, you can use the tag filter in reports to find matching results.


  • Business hours will not be applied retroactively to your reports.
    • Tickets and replies created prior to the business hours being enabled will still be based on 24/7 reporting.
    • For older tickets, only new replies sent after business hours is activated will have those business hours applied.

For more information, see: Setting Business Hours for Your Site