Within Teamwork Desk, you can view a series of reports designed to give you an indication of the performance and volume of your tickets.

Note: Reports are available on Premium subscriptions and above.

Select the Reports tab from the main navigation bar at the top of your site.

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The Reports area is broken down into multiple subsections.

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  • Overview – snapshot of all items such as customer happiness, performance, volume and total response time.
  • Activity - a view of all actions taken by people on your team on tickets submitted by your customers.
  • Tickets – insights specific to tickets such as ticket activity, busiest times of the day, and most expensive tickets.
  • Team – overview of the customers helped and insights per agent.
  • Time - shows time logged per user along with most expensive tickets, customers, and companies.
  • Help Docs – usage insights, top categories/articles/searches, failed searches.
  • Happiness – drill down into happiness surveys submitted by customers. 

To the top left of the Reports section, you can choose to view reports for a specific period. This date range applies to all subsections of Reports.

Select the current date range to access the date picker. You can also use the arrows to move to the previous or next date range.

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When you have selected a specific period to view, it will automatically compare to the period directly before it. This will give indications as to whether your numbers are up or down, based on the previous time frame.

You can also choose not to compare to another period by unchecking the compare box at the bottom of the date picker.

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In the top right of the Reports area, you can filter the data in your report to specific agents, inboxes, tags, etc.

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Selecting the filter icon will open the filters pane on the right-hand side. Once you have chosen some filter conditions, you can also save and share the filter (depending on your subscription plan).

Note: Archived agents will be excluded from reports by default. You can choose to include them via the Archived Agents filter option.

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For more information, see: Understanding Reports