Within Teamwork Desk, tickets have a number of statuses that can be applied.

The available default statuses:

Active - The ticket is active and hasn't been closed, solved or possibly replied to

Waiting on customer - A reply has been sent, and now is waiting on a reply from the customer

On-hold - Something needs to be done, such as sort out an accounts issue before replying or updating the customer

Solved - Once a customer's issue has been resolved, you can mark the ticket as solved. Marking a ticket as solved sends a happiness report automatically to the customer so they can rate how helpful you were

Closed - Mark a ticket as closed when it does not need to be revisited. Unlike the solved status, closed will not send a happiness email.

Spam - While the spam filters will pick up most spam messages, sometimes one may come through anyway

You can change the status of a ticket when replying. Once you click Send Reply, the status will then update to what you have selected:

Alternatively, if you know that a ticket should be marked as Solved, or Spam or other status, changing the status at the top of the ticket, changes it instantly.

For more information see: Creating new ticket statuses