To improve deliverability and prevent misuse of our email service that could result in blacklisting, there are some limits in place for email sending in Teamwork Desk.

Receiving email

For all accounts there is a daily limit of 16,000 messages, an hourly limit of 4,000 messages, and a ten-minutely limit of 2,000 messages.

When this limit is reached emails will be temporarily blocked and email delivery will be delayed. After 8 hours it is considered permanently failed.

Sending email

For all verified domains there is a daily limit of 4,000 messages.

For all unverified domain there is a limit of 25 tickets per day.

Your domain is considered unverified until any of the following are met:

  1. You have validated your domain via DNS CNAME records.
  2. You have added DKIM/SPF validation records
  3. You have a paid subscription and have a valid credit card on file 

If you are currently using a trial of Teamwork Desk and would like to request an increase in tickets allowed per day during your trial, please contact us at and we will gladly accommodate you.

Message contents

For all verified domains there is a limit of 50 recipients per message.

For all unverified domains there is a limit of 10 recipients per message.

The recipients are the customer + CC + BCC.

Storage space

There are no limits on storage space.


The Teamwork Desk API is limited to 120 requests per minute. If this limit is reached Desk will respond with 429 Too Many Requests.

Desk will also set the X-Rate-Limit-Limit, X-Rate-Limit-Remaining, and X-Rate-Limit-Reset headers, so you can check how many remaining requests you have.

Need more?

No problem. Contact the Desk team at and tell us what you