Within Teamwork Desk, you can customize which smart inboxes are displayed in the Tickets area of your site.

📝 This page relates to the Classic Desk navigation experience. In Teamwork Desk's navigation redesign, currently in early release, smart inboxes are now called custom views.

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Showing or hiding individual smart inboxes

In the Smart Inboxes subsection of the left sidebar, click the filter icon at the top of the list.

Using the checkboxes to the left of each smart inbox, you can check the relevant inboxes while unchecking the ones you want to hide.

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The list will automatically update as you make your selections.

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Note: When you hide smart inboxes from this view, they will still be returned if you search for them in the smart inbox search field at the top of the left sidebar.

Reordering smart inboxes

You can also customize the order in which the inboxes display in the left sidebar.

Click the filter icon at the top of the Smart Inboxes section and click Edit. You can then click and drag each inbox to its new position. Click Done to apply the changes.

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For more information, see: Smart Inboxes