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- This tab is where you’ll provide the answers to your user’s questions

Formatting Options
Teamwork Desk docs has multiple formatting options including Out / In Dents, Bold Italic, Ordered and Unordered Lists and much more.

Insert images into your docs so your users know exactly what you’re referencing. To add an image click insert_image_button.jpg You can then either choose a file or drag and drop a file right into the Insert image window.

Resize Images 
You can resize any image that you upload by clicking on it and resize it by dragging the resize icon at the bottom of the image.

Having video examples is incredibly helpful and you can embed them directly into Helpdocs articles. Select insert_video_button.jpg and copy and paste the link to your video, or in the Embed tab you can add your embed code directly, to show the video within the article.

Maybe you want to offer your users an opportunity to download a file. You can insert any file into your doc by clicking insert_file.jpgYou can then either choose a file or drag and drop a file right into the Insert File window.

To insert a link, click insert_link.jpg selecting insert link.

You can search for an existing article in your Helpdocs site from here and the URL and title of that article will automatically be added. The article title will be pre-filled in the Text field, and you can replace it if you prefer. If you already have a URL that you'd like to add manually, you can leave the Search field empty, paste the URL directly into the Link field and add the link text to the Text field, then click on the Insert Link button to add it to the article.

Align Text
Select the Align Text button to align your text to the left, right, center, or justify the text.

Related Articles
If a user is reading one article, say on passwords, then they might also want to read about security. This is where the related articles feature come in.

related articles.jpg
From the dropdown, select the articles that you want to relate to the current article, and click save.


Revisions allow you to see each change that has been made to a doc, from the very first change right up to the most recent