Within Teamwork Desk, you may want to add a custom domain for your Help Doc site.

Note: Changing a CNAME is done through your domain provider (the company you registered your domain name with eg.GoDaddy.com).

To enter a custom domain, click on the your profile icon to the top right of the navigation bar and select 'Settings':

Near the top of the page select the 'Help Docs' area of settings:

 Select 'General Settings' within the left pane:

The custom domain option is with the 'Basics' area:

Setup steps

  • Create the CName record
    • Simply create a CName record and point it to your Teamwork Helpdocs site (eg. docs.yourdomain.com). (You usually do this with the company you registered your domain name with eg.GoDaddy.com)
    • Do not use a DNS A record for your custom domain. The DNS record you need to create is a CName record.
    • Note: If your site is EU hosted, you will need to point the custom domain to eu.helpdocs.com
  • Verify the CName record is working
    • Once you have created the CName record and you have verified it is now pointing to your site (eg. Browse to your custom domain in a browser and you should see a Teamwork message).
  • Update your Teamwork Desk site settings
    • Log in to your Teamworkdesk.com account and navigate to settings > Help Docs > General Settings (as above).
Note: SSL is not available on custom domain names.

For more information see: Help Docs settings