Sometimes your company knowledge is not meant to be shared with the world. To ensure that knowledge is shared with only those who need it HelpDocs give these security options:

  1. None (everyone can view your site. This is the default)
  2. Desk admins and agents (only those who can log in to your Desk account can see the HelpDocs)
  3. Global/Shared password (we encrypt the password using industry standard methods)
    • To further enhance the security, any time you change the password to the HelpDocs all users are required to re-authenticate to continue browsing
  4. IP Address Whitelist (only whitelisted IP addresses can view your site)
  5. IP Address Blacklist (everyone not in your blacklisted IP addresses can view your site)
In order to set up security for your HelpDocs site, click the Settings icon (the cog) on the lower left of the screen, then choose "Help Docs". Now select the site that you wish to modify the security settings on and select "General Settings" in the left-hand navigation. Once on the General Settings page you can set the security under "Authentication Options".

When using the IP Address Whitelist/Blacklist options an IP address range is inclusive of the "From Address" to the "To Address" for example - contains 3 IP addresses, and You can also specify a single IP address by omitting the "To Address".