The Help Docs settings section is the area that you use to create your Docs, it allows you to create new categories and Docs sections.
There is no limit to the number of sites you can have in the Help Docs section.

Creating a Docs Site:

  • From the settings section in the lower left select Help Docs, choose to add your first help site.

  • Enter your details

  • You will then be brought to the General Settings.
General Settings

  • Basis: Set the Site name, Sub Domain, Custom Domain, and choose whether to have your site public or not?
  • Site information: Enter your Homepage URL, Site description, Meta Description, and decide what you would like to view on your Homepage
  • Contact Form: Set an inbox that will allow your customers to contact you through your Docs account.
  • Branding – Allows you to upload a Logo, favicon and a Touch icon.
  • Colour – Select the colour theme for your Docs account.
  • Templates – Make it your own, enter templates for Headers, Footers and more.
  • Custom Code – If you wish to upload a style sheet or Insert Head code for your Docs site.

Set up your own category structure, we do support nesting, you can have three levels here.