Agents vs Part-Time Agents on the Pro Plan

On the Pro plan, you can choose to invite people as Part-Time Agents without having to pay extra for them.

What is the difference?

An Agent is someone you pay for and they can answer unlimited tickets. A Part-Time Agent is free and can reply to up to 10 tickets each month. A Part-Time Agent can do everything an Agent can do, and the only limit is the number of tickets they can reply to.

  • You can add an unlimited number of Part-Time Agents.
  • You can change a person's role at any time from an Agent to a Part-Time Agent or vice-versa from the User Settings section.
  • When a Part-Time Agent replies to 10 tickets, they will just be asked to contact their Admin for an upgrade to a full Agent to be able to answer more tickets.

We will never change a Part-Time Agents role to an Agent role automatically - you are in total control of managing your people.

This is a powerful feature that will allow you to include your whole team in collaboration on tickets, without increasing your costs.