Within Teamwork Projects, you can now view all your active projects within Portfolio.

Portfolio is a helpful way of viewing what is happening across all your projects at a glance.

Creating a board

Only site administrators in the owner company and users with the "Can this user manage the projects portfolio" permission can create new boards and add columns.

Note: Collaborators do not have access to portfolio view.

You can add a new board by going to the 'Projects' link right at the top of the screen and then choose the 'Portfolio' section:

If it is your first time using the Portfolio, you will see an 'Add Board' option in the middle of the screen, as below, or you can use the 'Add Board' option to the top right.

Once you choose this you will be given an option to name the board (required), choose a color and add a description:

You can create multiple boards which you can separate your projects into and if you want to view all boards you have created you can click on the 'Portfolio' option again.

Once the board has been created you will be brought directly into it where you can then create a column within it. 

Creating a board column

You can do this by choosing the 'Add a Column; button in the center if you have none created, or the 'Add Column' button to top right of the screen if you have. Once this has been selected you can then name your column and assign a color:

To edit the name and  color of a column once created, select the drop down arrow to the right of the name and choose 'Edit'.

You will see that the drop down arrow includes an option to filter allowing you to search for a specific project. You will also have the option to delete the column and various sort options for the projects included.
You will also have various column options settings.

Adding projects to a board column

To add projects to your columns you can click on the backlog which will open a list of your projects. These can then be dragged from the backlog to the appropriate column.

Selecting the checkbox next to a company name in the backlog selects all projects for that company and you can drag them together. If you would like to move more than one project at a time, select the check boxes next to individual projects to move these together.

You can also filter the projects in the backlog by name (text), by category or by tag.

A project can only be added to one board at a time. Once a project has been added to a column you can click on the project card to view a project summary. Within this project summary you can click on the project name to be brought to the project.

If you want to remove a project from a column simply drag it back to the backlog which will then allow you to add it to another board.

Note: Portfolio is only available on the Premium plan or higher.

For more information see: Portfolio view column settings