Once you've signed up for a trial, you can log in anytime to your site and subscribe to a plan.

To see the options and pay online, just go to the site settings menu in the top right of your screen and choose the 'Subscription' area:

Note - only site administrators in the owner company have access to this area.

Plan options

You'll see the available plans listed here with their details, and depending which plan you're currently using in your trial, you'll see a button under each:

Downgrade - any plan lower than the one you currently have selected will show this
Pay now - the plan you currently have selected during your trial shows this
Upgrade - higher plans than the one you currently have selected show this

Prices will be shown for a monthly subscription, and you can switch to see the annual pricing by clicking the 'Pay Monthly' option and switching to 'Pay Once a Year'.

You can choose whichever plan suits your needs and click the button under it, to go through the online payment process. 

Payment methods

You can quickly and easily pay byPaypal and major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.

For annual subscriptions, you can also contact us to arrange invoicing and payment by bank transfer. Please send the following information to billing@teamwork.com and we'll arrange for offline payment:

Organisation Name:
Tax Number (for customers within the EU):
Are you a Non profit or Educational Institution:

Street Address:
Town / City:
County / State:

Post / ZIP Code:

Teamwork Account URL: (this is usually something like yourcompany.teamwork.com)
Invoice for Teamwork Projects Plan: Please specify which plan

Contact Name & Email:
Billing Name & Email (if different):