Within Teamwork Projects, you will always have access to your data if your subscription expires.

If you are using a paid subscription and it expires, your projects along with any data included in these will be archived and your plan will be automatically set to the 'Free Forever' plan.

This plan allows for two active projects, so all but the two most recently updated projects in your site will be marked as archived. That means you will be unable to work on them (make changes or add new content) but all the information and files are still available for viewing and downloading.

Note: If for any reason your account is cancelled, your data may be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered after this point.

To access archived projects, go to the 'Projects' link to the top of your screen:

You will now see an option for 'Archived':

All projects that have been archived apart from your allowance of two active projects on the free forever plan will be listed here.

Note: If you update your payment details resume your subscription, any projects that have been automatically archived will be restored to their 'Active' status.

For more information see: View all archived projects