Within Teamwork Projects, you can give users administrator permissions at project-level.

There are times where you may need to make a person an administrator only on a specific project, without letting them change installation settings or other important account settings.

The Project Administrator permission type allows you to give an ordinary user administrator privileges on a certain project only.

Project Administrator Permissions

  • Grant permissions to users on a project
  • Delete or Edit messages created by other project members
  • Delete or Edit time logs created by other project members
  • Delete or Edit tasks created or assigned to other project members
  • Change project settings such as:
    • Active / Archived status
    • Project Announcement
    • Project Description
    • Project Logo
    • Project Start Tab
  • Add Users to the project
    • If they are in the Owner company - they will be able to add users from all companies
    • If they are in a Client company, they will only be able to add users from their own company, or users from other companies who they already have projects in common with.
  • Add new Users to the account*
Note: The ability to add new users to the account is based on a setting located in the Site Settings > General >Project Administrators can create users. This is set to "YES" by default, if you do not want a project administrator to have this ability, you can change the option to "NO"

Permission to manage people and companies

Users with the "Can this user manage people and companies" profile permission will see
  • All users on the Teamwork Projects site
Making someone a project administrator

  • Go the the People tab in the relevant project
  • Click on the cog icon to the far right of the User's profile
  • Click the Project Administrator permission to on.
External Company Project Admins

Users from external companies who are made a project administrator on a project can see:
  • Other users on that project
  • Other users who are on projects the current user has access to
  • New users in the user's current company
For more information see: Setting user permissions on a project