Under the everything area, All Time shows you time logged across all your projects.

You can filter the time logs shown here by:

  • The person who logged the time
  • When the time was logged
  • If the time was logged on projects that are active or archived, or both
  • If the time is marked as billable or non-billable
  • If the time has been invoiced or not
You can also choose to sort the time logs by project/date/company/user, descending or ascending.

Once you've chosen your filters, you can click update to apply them and reload the time logs shown.

From here you can also:

  • Log time against a specific task
  • Start the Timer for a task
  • Run a custom report on time logged
  • Bulk update time logs (this allows you to mark all of a specific person's hours as billable/non-billable)
You can export a copy of this list to PDF or Excel from the options button near the top right. 

For more information see: Everything section - All options