Within Teamwork Projects, your profile gives you a quick view of:

  • Your profile details & notes
  • Your preferences and permissions
  • Your project, task and milestone totals:
Click your profile icon in the top right corner of your site, and select 'View Profile' from the dropdown menu:

On your profile page, you will be able to navigate through the different menu items such as details, projects, active tasks, completed tasks, milestones, logged time, personal integrations (such as HubSpot, once it's been enabled for your site) and an activity feed for all of your updates:

The Details tab will show your contact information, permissions, localization settings, and a breakdown of your projects, tasks and milestones as below:

In the 'Logged Time' area you'll see a graph to give a quick overview of time logged each day - with billable time shown green and blue for non-billable:

You will see an orange dotted line at 8 hours just to give a visual indication of the chart scale. 

In the 'Integrations' area, you'll see options to enable any integrations available to you that have been set up on the site - as well as the option to link your account on another site to activate the 'Sites' menu.

You can see a list of all your updates in the 'Activity' area.

For more information, see: Quickly viewing all your tasks