Yes. You can use any domain you want to access your installation if you are on the Small Office plan or above.

(This is a little technical but easy enough for somebody with some DNS experience to set-up - ask for help if you are unsure)

  1. Create the CName record
    Simply create a CName record and point it to your site (eg. (You usually do this with the company you registered your domain name with
  2. Verify the CName record is working.
    Once you have created the CName record and you have verified it is now pointing to your site (eg. Browse to your custom domain in a browser and you should see a Teamwork message).
  3. Update your site settings.
    Log in to your account, click Settings in the top right, choose General, click Edit under the site address and then click on the Custom domain button.
Note - do not use a DNS A record for your custom domain. The DNS record you need to create is a CName record.