Task lists and tasks can be added quickly to each project by adding details to an Excel spreadsheet to import. For the import to work, it must be in a specific format. You can download an example file to see the required format when you go to the tasks area of your project and click the options button in the top right.

You’ll see the following columns in the sample spreadsheet:

Tasklist – The task list you want to add the tasks to, this is a required field.

Task – The task title. This field also allows you to add sub tasks. To add a sub task insert a - before the sub task name. You can also add nested sub tasks by inserting - - before the nested sub task name.

Description – The description for the task

Assign to – The people the task should be assigned to, the required format here is
email address. Names added here will not be accepted.

Start date – The date the task is due to start, the required format here is yyyymmdd

Due date – The date the task is due, the required format here is: yyyymmdd

Priority – The priority for the task, entered as text, Low, Medium or High

Estimated time – The estimated time for the task can be entered in a number of ways:

  • 25
  • 01:30
  • 1h 15m
Tags – Tags to be added to the task, multiple tags should be separated with a comma

Status – Whether the task is ‘active’ or ‘completed’