You can add triggers to columns in your board view to automatically change properties when a card is moved to that column. For example, you can set up a column called 'Done' and add a trigger so that any cards moved to that column will automatically be completed.

To add a trigger, go to the column settings area:

Use the 'Add Trigger' button and choose whether you'd like to use the trigger to 'Modify Properties', 'Auto Complete' or 'Modify Dates'.

Modify Properties

If you choose to modify the task properties you can select what you'd like to change, for example the assignee:

Auto Complete

The auto complete option means that when you move a card to that column, it will automatically be marked complete.

Modify Dates 

You can update the start date, end date, or both:

For either start or due date, you can choose:

  • Don't change - leave the date as it is (use this if you want to update the other date only)
  • Remove date - if the task has a due date or start date, this option will set it to 'no date' where possible (some tasks may inherit dates which can't be removed)
  • Select a specific date - update the task to use a fixed date that you choose
  • Push date - set the number of days to push the date out by from the original date on the task
  • Current day - use the date that the trigger is activated (rather than the original date on the task)
  • +1 / +2 / +3 ...  +14 - use the date that the trigger is activated and push it out by this number of days

Modify Tags

You have a number of options for updating the tags:

  • Set specific tags - replace any existing tags completely with one or more new tags
  • Add tags - add new tags along with any existing tags
  • Remove tags - remove specific tags that are currently applied

Viewing and editing triggers

Once you've added the trigger you'll see it listed in the column settings area where you can edit or delete it:

You can quickly see what triggers are set on a column by hovering over the icon in the bottom right of the column:

Remember, you can add multiple triggers to a column, and they will all be applied when you move a card to that column.