When you create new cards in board view, you can use special characters to quickly set properties, such as assignee or due date, and more.

When you type the character, you'll see a menu showing options that you can choose from or you can continue typing the full value directly:

Here are the details of the properties you can set using auto-complete:

  • Assign a person: @name
  • Add a tag: #tag
  • Set priority - 
    • Low: !
    • Medium: !!
    • High: !!!
  • Set estimated time - 
    • ~hours:minutes (such as 4:30)
    • ~hours.fraction (4.5)
    • ~hours,fraction (4,5)
    • ~x hours x minutes (4 hours 30 minutes)
    • ~xhxm (4h30m)
  • Set start/due date - 
    • [start day] (such as start today, start tomorrow, start next week)
    • [start date] (using the date format in your preferences, such as DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY)
    • [due day]
    • [due date]
  • Choose a task list: (task list name)
To select an option from a menu, you can use your mouse/touchscreen, or use the keyboard cursor keys to navigate the list and use 'Enter' to apply it.