The Desktop timer is a free add-on app that allows you to import your tasks to one place. It allows you to keep on track of your work and never lose sight of time again. 

Note: For time recorded via the timer app to show within your Teamwork Projects site, you must complete logging this within the timer app by choosing the project and task to log it to and selecting 'log time'.

Logging in: After downloading, you will need to log in. You can choose to login using your email or username or password; the other option is to Login via your API, this can be located in the edit my details tab under your profile icon in the upper right of your Teamwork Projects account. 

Multiple accounts: In the lower left, once logged in, you will see your profile icon, by selecting your profile icon you can choose to Add account, you will then be prompted to login again. Once logged in again, you can jump quickly between these accounts.

Add a timer: When you wish to add a timer on the fly, select this option. All that is required here is the timer name. There are other options though, you can choose to select an existing task, Current time (being the time already spent). Once you have entered this, you can add the timer or cancel.  

Settings: Within settings there are various tabs available as  below


  • Show total time: If you have this option enabled, a total time will be shown in the lower left of your timer app. 
  • Blink current timer if paused: If this option is enabled and the timer is paused, then the timer will blink until reactivated. 
  • Keep timer on top of other windows when in compact mode: If this option is enabled, the timer when compacted from the upper right will always show on top of the browser windows you are viewing. 
  • Hide icon from taskbar when in compact mode.

  • Only return starred projects: Choose to only return tasks from starred projects. 
  • Default: Reset timer instead of deleting when logging time.
  • Default: Mark associated task as done when logging time
  • Pause timer when computer is idle. You can set the time to be considered idle.
  • Automatically remove timers attached to deleted tasks.
  • Automatically remove timers attached to completed tasks.
  • Only remove timers that have no time recorded.
  • Launch Teamwork Timer at start up.

  • Enable notifications.
  • Notify me when timers have been automatically deleted.
  • Notify me when timer has been paused due to inactivity.
  • Notify me when timer has been resumed due to inactivity.
  • Notify me if a timer has been running longer than 8 hours.
  • Remind me to start a timer if I'm active for over 30 minutes and one isn't already running.

  • Login/email.
  • Password.
  • Remove account: All associated timers will be removed.
Save settings: Save the settings which will update the settings for your timer app. 

Import tasks: Selecting this icon allows you to import your existing tasks to your timer app. Choose from a number of options, including Showing all tasks assigned to me, Show my upcoming tasks, Show my tasks due today, Show my late tasks, or Show all the tasks assigned to me. Other options here allow you to sort by Project, task list, task name, start, due, or priority. 

You can also search tasks, by holding shift, and selecting multiple tasks you can add multiple tasks at once.  

Start timer: You can start the timer on a task by highlighting the timer you need and selecting the 'play' or 'start' icon to the top left.

Log time: The log time option in the lower right opens the option to edit the time log on the highlighted timer. 

Collapse or Expand: In the upper right of your timer, there is a collapse and expand icon, using this will allow you to collapse or expand your timer as necessary. 

Total time: Based on the settings in the Settings option, you can choose to view the total time in the lower left. 

Editing a timer:

If a time log needs to be edited or deleted before you are ready to log the time, you can do so by clicking the pencil icon to the left of the current time.

You can also add an option for estimated time for an existing timer, this option to enter estimated time is for reference when you view the estimated time column in the project that the task timer is attached to.

For more information see: How to create or add a new timer