Within Teamwork Desk you can use reports to get a detailed look at your teams performance.

To access reports, click on the 'Reports' option within the Desk navigation bar:

There are seven areas of reporting that are covered in detail below:


  • Customer Happiness – This graphic will give you a snapshot of the performance of your agents. Adjust the filter options in the upper right-hand corner to display specific data views.
  • My performance – A comparison between users. This displays the top five agents, it will be based on the filters set in the upper right. If there are no filters set, it will show the top performers.
  • Volume and average response time – The average response time on all your tickets from all inboxes.
  • Tickets by Channels – This shows where your tickets have come from, based on the email addresses you have set you can choose to see the volume of tickets coming from that area. For example, if you use Teamwork Desk Docs section you can see all contacts coming from that section.
  • Tickets by Status – View the status of the tickets, see how many tickets are active, closed, solved, or waiting on customer.


  • Tickets Activity – View the status of the tickets, see how many tickets are active, closed, solved, or waiting on customer. This is based on the sort options selected in the upper right.
  • Busiest time of the day – Get an indication as to the busiest times of the day, calculated based on the time tickets arrive to your Teamwork Desk account.
  • Popular tags – Tags that have been added to tickets, this will give an indication as to the most widely used tags. By selecting the name of the tag, you will be brought to a view showing all those tickets.
  • Tags Timeseries – A graphical display of the most popular tags displayed based on the sorting options selected.
  • Response time – The response time is the time taken from when the ticket first arrived to when the ticket was first answered.
  • First Response time – The amount of time between the ticket arriving in Desk and the first message being sent to the customer (note: we do not currently have the option to base this on a working day).
  • Resolution Time - The amount time between the ticket arriving and the status being set to solved or closed. 
  • Most expensive tickets/customers – This is to give you a guide as to the most time and effort that has been spent on tickets. It is calculated based on the number of responses and the number of agents involved. Here, you can toggle between tickets and customers.

  • Customers helped – A graphical representation detailing all the tickets answered by your team. Also available under “Your team.”
  • Your team – A full list of all agents on your Teamwork Desk account. This details over the date range selected the replies, tickets solved, customers helped, handle time, and the happiness rating.

  • Time log activity - View the time that has been logged by particular agents.
  • Most expensive tickets - measured in amount of time spent on it and the number of agents involved.
  • Most expensive customer - Measured in time spent dealing with the issue and number of agents.

Help Docs

  • Help Docs Usage Insights – Designed to give you an insight into the usage of your Help Docs. Here you can see the unique visits, Articles viewed per visit, emails sent from the Docs, new visitors, mobile users, and average length of time people spent on the page.
  • Top Articles – The most viewed articles.
  • Top Categories – The top categories people have selected when view the Docs.
  • Failed Searches – Searches that users have attempted and not returned an answer, gives a great insight to improvements that need to be made.
  • Top Searches – The areas that have been searched the most within your Docs account.
Note: A unique visitor is the total number of users who have visited the site. A new visitor is the total number of new users (first access) who have visited the site.


  • Customer Happiness – A graphical representation of how happy your customers are. Displaying the total percentage happiness based on ratings received.
  • Recent ratings – Displays a list of all the ratings received and a link back to the ticket itself. A great way for an agent or an admin to view the ticket and whether or not the ticket was justified. Toggle here to view All, Great, OK, or Bad.
Note: The percentage is calculated as the sum of the total gotten score / possible score. Ratings are given a score based on Great of 15K. Okay 5K and Bad -10K

Note: Remove a rating – An administrator can remove a rating by selecting the ticket and the drop down to the upper right of the happiness rating. Here, select the option to delete, you will then be prompted to enter a note detailing why you are deleting the particular rating.

For more information see: Reports