Within Teamwork Desk you can create a new inbox that your customers can contact for any issues they may be having. This can be helpful if you offer support for different areas.

When creating an inbox you will need an email address which will be the address your clients/customers will send their emails to. 

Note: A user and an inbox cannot have the same email address.

To create the inbox click on the your profile icon to the top right of the navigation bar and select 'Settings;

Near the top of the page select the 'Inboxes' area of settings:

You will then need to select the 'Add Inbox' option to the top right of the page:

You can now name the new inbox and enter the corresponding email address (e.g. support@yourcompany.com.)

You can choose what users you would like to add to the inbox at that time. You can select all users or make a selection.

When you click 'Next' you will then be brought to the forwarding setup screen:

Once this is set any email received to that email address will appear in the new Desk inbox you have created.