Within Teamwork Desk you can use the unified inbox to view tickets from across all inboxes that you choose to include.

Note: The unified inbox will only appear if you have created more than one inbox.

You can find the unified inbox by clicking 'Tickets' from the left of the Desk navigation bar:

In the left pane of Desk under tickets. You will see the unified inbox under the ticket section:

The unified inbox is where all tickets appear for inbox’s that you have selected.

To choose which inboxes to include select 'Dashboard' in the Desk navigation bar:

All of your created inboxes will then be listed. Inboxes already included in the unified inbox will have a green tick next to them. To add another, hover over the inbox icon and click on the grey arrow to turn it green. It is now included in the unified inbox:

You can get an overview of all tickets in your unified inbox by again selecting dashboard.

The various ticket statuses included can be found below:

New: Your company may receive emails to many different inbox’s: e.g. enquiries@, sales@, product1@, etc... Each person (agent) may be assigned to different Inbox’s, and will go to the New folder to receive all their new emails from across their selected Inbox’s.

Mine: This is a collection of active tickets that are assigned to you.

On-hold: You can place tickets The amount of emails in your unified inbox considered spam by your set spam settings. On-hold in situations where you may need to go find further information, a task has been created in TeamworkProjects, or cannot reply to them immediately. All of your team’s on-hold tickets will appear here.

Assigned: These are active tickets that have been assigned to other users.

Waiting on customer: A ticket may be marked as Waiting on Customer when you reply to a person and expect a reply back. All of your team’s Waiting on Customer tickets will appear here.

Spam - The amount of emails in your unified inbox considered spam by your set spam settings.

For more information see: Smart inbox info