Within Teamwork Desk you can change the settings for your Help Doc site. It allows you to create new docs and categories.

Note: There is no limit to the number of sites you can have in the Help Docs section.

Note: Only administrators can manage help docs on your account however this does not limit an agent’s ability to update or create new Docs.

Creating a Docs Site:

To create a help docs site, click on your profile icon to the top right of the navigation bar and select 'Settings':

Near the top of the page select the 'Help Docs' area of settings:

To the center of the page you will see an option to add your first help doc site:

Select 'Add your first help site' and enter your details as below:

Once created you will have various settings areas within the left pane:

General Settings


  • Set the Site name
  • Whether its a published site or not (you can disable the site if needed)
  • Show social icons - When enabled will have buttons for people to share on social media
  • Sub Domain
  • Custom Domain
  • Authentication Options - Set a password to access the help doc site
  • Default edit method - HTML or Markdown
Site information:

  • Enter your Homepage URL
  • Homepage URL text - What the link should appear as. (also an option to link to your homepage)
  • Site description
  • Meta description - What will appear when your site is referenced in a search engine such as Google
  • Show on homepage - Most popular articles or categories
  • Site language
Contact Form:

You can enable a contact form for your site and when enabled choose which inbox your customer emails go to.



  • Upload a site logo
  • Upload a favicon
  • Upload a touch icon

  • Select the color theme for your Docs account.

  • Make it your own, enter templates for Headers, Footers and more.
Custom Code

  • If you wish to upload a style sheet or Insert Head code for your Docs site.

  • Set up your own category structure, we do support nesting of up to three levels here.
  • Create new categories.

  • You can support comments via Disqus and you can visit Disqus directly from your this comments area.

  • This will list all the articles that you have currently created for this site.
For more information see: Help Doc Permissions