Within Teamwork Desk you can add new ticket Statuses which differ from the default ones we provide.

To create a new ticket type, click on your profile image to the far right of the Desk navigation bar and select 'Settings':

Select 'Company' from the setting options:

From the left pane select 'ticket statuses':

You will now see a list of current Statuses such as:

  • Active
  • Waiting on customer
  • On-hold
  • Solved
  • Closed
  • Spam
To add to these, type your new ticket type name into the bar at the bottom of the current list and then select the green 'Add' option to the right of the bar:

Once you have selected add, the new type will appear on the list.

When viewing a ticket, you can now change the type to the newly created one from the right pane:

For more information see: Creating new ticket statuses