Within Teamwork Desk, you will need to configure email forwarding to ensure tickets are delivered successfully to your inboxes.

We already have guides available for; Gmail, GoDaddy and Office365 available here. However, this Help Doc is for setting up email forwarding on an external host using the cPanel control panel.

First, click on your profile icon to the top right of the Desk navigation bar and choose 'Settings' from the dropdown:

Select 'Inboxes' from the available settings options:

Then, select the inbox you wish to configure your forwarding for, and select "Email Settings" from the left pane:

Underneath the field "Just forward email@domain.com to:" it will display a unique @teamworkdesk.com email address. Copy the unique address provided to you.

You'll will then need to open your cPanel control panel and navigate to your email settings. Click on "Forwarders."

You'll then need to click on "Add Forwarder" within the Forwarders Settings.

In the "Address to Forward" field, you need to enter your support/ticket address e.g. billing@teamwork.com.

You can now insert the copied unique address provided by Teamwork Desk in the "Forward to Email Address" field. Once inserted, click "Add Forwarder." There's no need to set any advanced options at this point.

For more information see: Setting up email forwarding.