From the bottom left-hand corner, by clicking on either your name/avatar or the settings cog, you'll be brought to the settings area for Teamwork Chat.

- Profile

Within the profile view, you can edit and update certain parts of your profile such as first/last name and mobile number. Profile settings are linked to your profile within Teamwork Projects, so any changes made will automatically sync across and vice versa.

Also there's the option to add links to your social media accounts

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google+
By adding social media accounts to Teamwork Chat, this allows users to easily locate your site when viewing your profile within direct conversation

For example;

- Notifications

Here you can choose from four options on what message notifications to receive;
  • All messages:  any message that is posted to a conversation or room.
  • All Mentions @'handle' / @all / @online: when an @command is used, a notification will be sent.
  • Only @'handle': when another user @mentions you in a conversation or room.
  • No messages: no notification will be sent. 
Note:  Any changes made to notification settings, will only affect the current version of the app your using i.e. won't transfer across to other versions -desktop or browser. 

Notifications sounds:
Disabling will mute the sound alert on all messages received from other users. Desktop notifications will still be sent however sound alerts will become muted. 

Email notifications:
Allows users to receive email notifications of important messages via email when marked away and not active.

Tip: By replying to an email notification from Teamwork Chat, your reply is posted to that  conversation / room.

-Companies: only accessible by administrators

Here administrators can enable which external companies can access Teamwork Chat by simply toggling on/off

- Advanced 

Launch at start-up: once enabled Teamwork Chat will launch automatically when your computer starts up (applies to only the desktop application).  

Spellcheck Language: Choose which language for us to run spell check for you. By default we use your systems language.

- About

Here you can find the current version of the app along with a link to contact our support team.

- Logout

I wonder what this does :D  

Note: At any point when viewing the above settings, and wish to return to the main Teamwork Chat view, simply hit “Esc” on your keyboard or the “x” found in the top right corner.