Within Teamwork Chat each message has options available.

To view these options hover over the message for them to appear. You will then be presented with three options:

When you hover onto a message, you are presented with 3 options:

Quote: This option allows you to quote a message previously sent within chat. The message will be pasted in the message area with a '>' before it indicating its a quoted message. You can then send your own message beneath it:

Permalink: Generates a direct link to a message in the chat which is copied to your clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

Options: When you select the options button, if you posted the message, you'll be presented with;

Note: Users are unable to edit or delete another users messages (except administrators). You can however create a task from another users message.

Delete message: Once a message is deleted, you have the option to undo for up to 10 seconds. After this point, the message is completely removed from the conversation view and can’t be restored. If a message has been deleted, the ghost of that message will haunt you forever :P.  "Message has been deleted" will replace the original message posted.

Edit message: you can update your previously posted message and hit “Save Changes”. Where a message has been edited, you’ll find the addition of an “Edited” label next to the message. This is viewable to all users within the channel/conversation.

Create a task within your Teamwork Projects site:

When you select this you will be asked to select a project and a tasklist within that project to place the task:

Final step just requires a task title and a task description which is an optional field.