Franz is a free communication app that brings all your social and business chat/messaging needs into one place. Users can easily switch between applications simply just by clicking on the tab found in header;


Getting setup couldn't be easier;

1)  If you haven’t done so already, you can download Franz from here.
[Please download legacy version: 4.0.4.]

2) Once Franz is launched, by clicking the Franz logo in the top left-hand corner, you'll find 2 options; Add new service and Settings. We'll be looking at Settings - Plugins, but first, we'll need to import the Teamwork Chat plugin.

3) To download the plugin click here. Once downloaded, you'll need to unzip the folder which can be down by double-clicking on the downloaded file.  From here, click once on the folder titled "teamwork-chat_franz-plugin-master", and copy the folder to your clipboard. This can be down my right clicking on the folder - Copy or Ctrl + c / Cmd +c.

4) When you've copied the folder, back into Franz we go. By clicking Settings - Open the Franz plugin directory, locate the "Plugins" folder and paste in the previously copied folder "teamwork-chat_franz-plugin-master" into the plugins folder.

5) Once pasted into the plug-ins folder, in order for Franz to pick up on the newly added Teamwork Chat plug-in, you'll need to restart the app by closing down Franz completely & re-launching. Upon restarting, you'll find Teamwork Chat is now listed under "Add a new service"

6) By clicking on the newly added Teamwork Chat plug-in, you'll be prompted with a pop-up to give a name to your Teamwork Chat account within Franz,  your Teamwork Chat URL Note: simply add in the first part of your domain excluding https:///www. Along with this, you can enable to receive web notifications, to display the number of unread messages through a badge icon on the tab and finally to mute the sound on message notifications. Once you're happy to proceed, click on "Add Teamwork Chat".

7) From the top left corner, you'll see Teamwork Chat has been added with the name you chose earlier. By clicking on the Teamwork Chat tab, you'll be asked to sign into your Teamwork account.

Once you've authenticated your profile, you'll be logged into browser version of Teamwork Chat.