Within Teamwork Chat a project channel is an integration between Teamwork Chat and Teamwork Projects. Through this integration we create a chat room listing all the users within a specified project. This allows users from both the owner and external companies to chat to one another once setup correctly.  

- Only projects you are an administrator of will appear in the project selector dropdown within settings.
- Only projects with no existing project room will be displayed.

Here are the conditions with using project channels:

  • Project channels inherit the project name given to in Teamwork Projects. Any updates made to the project name transfer across into the project room in Teamwork Chat.
  • You can only have one project room per project
  • All users listed on a project are added to the project room by default whereby they're unable to leave the room. 
  • Users in an external company; in order for users in an external company to be added to a project room, administrators in Teamwork Chat must ensure that the external company is enabled under chat settings
  • Observers on a project: any user that is an observer on a project is also added to the project room by default. However, observers will not be listed under the Peoples tab within the project room or have their chat handle appear if another user tries to "@mention" them within the message field. The moment an observer posts a message to a project room, they then become visible to all users under the Peoples tab along with appearing in the message field if a user @mentions them.
Note: Once a message is posted by an observer in a project room, the observer will become visible to all users in which can't be undone.

Converting an existing chat channel into a project channel 

Through the conversation/room sidebar, room settings can be seen. From here you'll find an option to toggle "Project room". Once enabled, you'll be able to select which project you'd like to link/convert into a project room;

Under the "People" tab, you'll find all users which are listed on the selected project now listed within this project room along with a link to project itself within Teamwork Projects - "View in Teamwork Projects".  

Once a project is selected, the following takes place:
  • If an existing title is in place, this is replaced with the project name
  • Any users listed on the project are automatically added to the project room however for external company users, ensure the correct company is enabled through chat settings
  • Teamwork Project icon is displayed next to the room title on the sidebar and also on room header;